Tisza is the largest left tributary of the Danube, it flows in Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine (within the Zakarpattya region), partly on the border between Ukraine and Romania. Length within Ukraine - 201 km (125 mi). Formed by the confluence of the Black Tisza and White Tisza 4 km above the Rakhiv town.

At the upper half the valley is V-shaped and 100-200 m (330-660 ft) wide, in some areas - ravine-like (width 30-50 m or 100-165 ft). Lower, in Verhnyotysynska valley, the width reduces to 1.3-1.5 km (0.8-0.9 mi). Here the water bed is twisting, with rapids. Within the Zakarpattya lowland, the river becomes wider to 150-170 meters (490-560) in some places - 260 m (853 ft), there are numerous islands and floodplains (1.5-2 km or 0.9-1.2 mi wide).

48.18023300000000 / 23.16938800000000
Nearest town
Rakhiv (Zakarpattya region), Hust (Zakarpattya region), Chop (Zakarpattya region)
Nearest airport
Uzhgorod International Airport
Average temperature
-5° C in winter, +20° C in summer

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