Drahobratske lake

Drahobratske lake
Drahobratske lake

Lake Ivor (Dragobratske) is a lake in Ukrainian Carpathians at 1,600 m (5,250 ft) above sea level, on the northern slope of Blyznytsia Mount.

This lake is 55 m (180 ft) long and 21 m (69 ft) wide. The banks consist of moraines (accumulations of unsorted sediments, pebbles and boulders, which carried and deposited by glaciers), the water is clear, the banks are overgrown with sedge.

The popular ski resort Dragobrat is located to the north from the lake.

Last spring frosts can be even in mid-June, the first autumn frosts – in early September. The water temperature in summer is +10-13° C.

48.22824723398849 / 24.23540660845947
Nearest town
Rakhiv (Zakarpattya region)
Nearest village
Yasinia (Zakarpattya region)
Nearest airport
Uzhgorod International Airport
Average temperature
-6° C in winter, +18° C in summer.

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