Kamyana Mohyla

Kamyana Mohyla
Kamyana Mohyla

Kamyana Mohyla (literally: stone tomb) is a monument of ancient culture, the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve. Geologically, Kamyana Mohyla, which is around 3 hectares (7.5 acres) is the outlier of Sarmatian sandstone sea, with cracks and faults that led to the accumulation of plates and the formation of a large number of caves. Number of sandstone plates exceeds 3 thousand, also there are more than 60 grottoes and caves, but many of them are preserved (filled with sand) to keep the unique ancient rock images.

This area was used for religious purposes, and therefore contains several thousands of petroglyphs – from the late Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. These images give an idea of ​​the economic activity of primitive people of South Ukraine and their spiritual culture.

46.94972200000000 / 35.46944400000000
Nearest town
Melitopol (Zaporizhia region)
Nearest village
Myrne (Zaporizhia region)
Nearest airport
Zaporizhia International Airport
Average temperature
-4° C in winter, +23° C in summer

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