Soledar Salt Mine

Soledar Salt Mine
Soledar Salt Mine

Soledar Salt Mine is a complex of man-made mines of Artyomsalt company. The system of galleries at a depth of about 300 m (985 ft) is a result of more than 100 years of underground works. Extends to 200 km (124 miles).

Elevators carry the visitors all the way down.

The ceiling, walls and the floor are of solid salt. The air in the mine is also saturated with salt. The mine is used for medical purposes (at the depth of 300 m or 985 ft there is a resort called Salt Symphony), one of the salt galleries become the church, there are exhibitions of salt sculptures and concerts of classical music as well. According to the Austrian conductor Kurt Schmid, the world has only a few theatres that can compete with the acoustic properties of Soledar Salt Mine.

48.69438600000000 / 38.05800700000000
Nearest town
Bakhmut (former Artemivsk), Donetsk region
Nearest village
Soledar (Donetsk region)
Nearest airport
Dnipropetrovsk International Airport
Average temperature
-6° C in winter, +22° C in summer. The temperature underground is constant at 14-16° C

Contact phone: +380 (44) 459 46 10

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