Metropolitan palace

Metropolitan palace
Metropolitan palace

The Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans – an architectural masterpiece located in Chernivtsi, a monument of national importance, included into UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now – Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University.

Construction of the residence started in 1863 (after entry of Bukovina to the Habsburg monarchy, Bukovynian diocese centered in Chernivtsi was established here). The Czech architect Josef Hlávka was selected to develop the ambitious project. Construction lasted almost 20 years, it was very extensive and cost astronomical money – 1 million 750 thousand Guilders. For the purposes of building, two brick and ceramic factories and construction school were opened in Chernivtsi. Almost every brick was measured and checked for sound, a special pier 20 meters (66 ft) high was built at the entrance to the territory of the future residence, from which the bricks were dumped on the sidewalk, and if even one crack appeared, the whole party was rejected.

The residence was built in Eclecticism style. Together, the complex resembles a medieval castle, but it contains architectural elements from different times and locations: high brick walls, decorated with red terracotta and carved stone – the influence of Byzantine and Romanesque architecture, towers with domes – Moorish style, roofs and decor – Gothic style. Roofs of all buildings were lined with coloured glazed tiles, forming a clear picture of Bukovina folk carpets. The walls are decorated with terracotta ornaments; windows are framed by white stone blocks of sandstone.

Ensemble of Metropolitan residence consists of three monumental buildings – the Metropolitan, Seminary and Monastery. The Metropolitan one forms the main visual axis of the architectural ensemble, the feature is its exterior is a portico, which roof in the central part of the facade serves as the balcony of one of the inner rooms. The main rooms of the palace – a large lobby with massive columns (ground floor) and the halls: Marble Hall, Red Hall, Green Hall, Blue hall. Even the corridors impress with their beauty – they are lined with mosaic marble, the ceiling is in the shape of domes.

Seminary wing, located to the left of the main gate, with Church of the Three Holy Hierarchs and galleries form a square with inner green courtyard. In its western corners there are the two square towers with four-slopes roofs. The lower tier of the gallery is formed as an arcade, decorated with delicate wrought-iron grating.

The Monastery Wing (other names – Guest wing and Presbytery) is on the right of the main gate. This two-storey rectangular building with multi-storeyed square tower, a balcony over the main entrance and four clocks. The real highlight of the building is the the clock tower, decorated with Stars of David, on top of which there is a tower top with a stylized cross on the steeple. The roof is ornamented with multi-coloured tiles and shines bright with different colours in sunny weather.

Along with the residence, there was created an Arboretum area of ​​about 5 hectares (12 acres) – a work of landscape art, looked after by the best gardeners with mandatory higher education. The park begins with a court of white cedars (Thuja occidentalis), behind it there is a 9-meter (30 ft) well and two fountains. Along with exotic trees here grow maples, oaks, lindens, hornbeams, amazing tulip tree and fanciful "tripod" apple tree. Central alley ends with in a small pond. Until now, there remained many decorative items: artificial hills, garden benches, sculptures and artificial stone grotto.

The area is fenced with nearly 3-meter (10 ft) hollow wall, which is designed in the same style with the whole complex. Entrance – through the front gate, the composition of which consists of four towers with onion-domes, (smaller versions of "Presbytery").

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