Lutsk Castle

Lutsk Castle
Lutsk Castle

Lutsk Castle (also known as Lutsk High Castle or Lubart's Castle) is one of the largest, oldest and best preserved castles in Ukraine, a monument of architecture and history of national importance. One of the two surviving (partially) castles, the main landmark of the historical and cultural reserve "Old Lutsk", the oldest building in Lutsk. Castle complex includes Vladych, Entrance and Styr towers surrounded by walls. Inside there are noble and episcopal residences, preserved foundations and undergrounds of St. John the Divine Cathedral of XII century.

Construction was carried out from 1350's to 1430's, though some elements have changed over the following centuries. By its plan, walls and towers location Lubart's Castle is very similar to the castles of southern Germany which were later inherited on western Ukrainian lands. The castle is of triangular shape with protruding sides and 100 m (330 ft) distances between towers. The height of the walls is about 12 meters (40 ft) above the shaft, thickness – up to 3 m (10 ft), upper part – 0.8 m (2.5 ft). For six centuries the coutryard floor level has risen by about 3.8 m (12 ft). Walls and towers are built in the Gothic system. On the walls, sometimes covered with shingle roof, there are battle galleries with loopholes. Entrance and Styr towers have a cuboid shape, the height of each is 28 m (91 ft). The size of the first is 11,9 by 12,05 m (39 by 40 ft), the second – 10 by 10 m (33 by 33 ft). On the southern side of the Entrance tower there are spiral stairs that connected the tower with the Prince's palace. At the bottom the tower is supported by powerful buttresses built in the XIX century. Between them there is an arched entrance to the castle. Above the entrance there are two arched portals: these are former entrances to the castle, which once had been closed with a drawbridge. Styr tower also has two sidings: eastern (remains of a defensive ring) and southern (remains of Okolnyi castle). The third tower, Vladych, is covered by wooden roof. The height of the tower is 14 meters (46 ft), the size – 8,75 by 8,5 m (29 by 28 ft) thickness of the walls on the lower tier is 3 m (10 ft) at the top – about 1 m (3 ft). On the third tier there are exits to the the battle walls.

Once the castle was the residence of the Grand Duke, then – the residence of royal power, the territory was used for worships, different kinds of courts acted here. In the XVIII century castle started missing out on its functions. Later, the Okolnyi castle was destroyed. In the XIX century when Volyn was annexed by the Russian Empire, both castles were turned into ruins. During the XX century the Upper Castle was restored and opened to the public, at the beginning of the XXI century a small piece of Okolnyi castle was restored as well.

In 1985 the historical and cultural reserve "Old Lutsk" was established here, it includes the territory's oldest city with a castle and other objects. Several museums are opened on the castle’s territory, archaeological research are conducted.

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