Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle
Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle is a castle in Kamianets-Podilskyi, part of the National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Kamianets", belonging to the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine".

It is believed that the castle was built in the late XIV century, although recent archaeological evidence has proved human existence in the area back to the 12th century. Thus, the fortification has a solid building story consisting of 14 construction periods (from the XII century to the early XIX century), but its close to the present look it became in the middle XVI century.

All fortifications of Kamianetz are divided into two categories: the castle and town fortifications. The castle consists of two parts: the old castle with walls and towers and a new castle with ramparts and moats. Old castle is situated neat the edge of a high mountain corner (from the southeast to the northwest) and has an irregular rectangular shape. Castle width is about 50 meters (16 ft), length – 135 meters (443 ft) on the north,160 meters (525 ft) – on the south and 180 m (590 ft) – in the middle. Area of the castle yard is about ¾ hectares (1,8 acres), with outbuildings – more than 1,5 hectares (3,7 acres). The castle is surrounded by high walls, it has 11 masonry towers. The fortress was built before the appearance of a firearm, thus the castle towers were completely stone and had stone brackets (modern roofs were built probably in XVII- XVIII centuries). Towers are placed as follows: from one side of the castle – 4, from the other – 4, on the west side – two connected towers and one – on the north near the river. Each tower has its name and features: on the southeast corner of the castle on the rock there is Pope’s Tower – five-storey, four sides on the bottom, eight – in the middle, round – on the top, covered with cone-shaped roof (now on the ground floor of the tower there is pottery workshop); Kovpak Tower – round with a few loopholes and cone-shaped roof; Tenchynska Tower – round, with several loopholes and stone brackets on the top, surrounded by the wall from the bottom to the middle; White Tower (also known as Ark Tower) – round, with white old fence, got its name from the coat of arms with the image of an ark; Daily Tower – high, round, uncovered; New Western Tower – a large tower that runs out the walls, has several high loopholes, uncovered; Różanka Tower – round, with cone-shaped brick roof; Water Tower – near the river, it used to be connected to the castle by the Field Gate (it contained a well which drew water from the adjacent Smotrych River); Lanckorońska Tower – round, three-story, with cone-shaped brick roof and little arches; Well Tower – covers the well carved in the rock.

New Castle – trapezoidal, with wide side to the northwest. Width (with shafts) – 250 m (820 ft), length – about 220 m (722 ft). The area is about 3 hectares (7,5 acres). Construction is done under the supervision of engineer Teofil Szemberg.

The total area of ​​both castles is about 4.5 hectares (11 acres).

The island, on which the fortress is situated, is surrounded by the canyon. River Smotrych flows here and forms a loop – here is the Kamianets castle, connected with the town by the narrow rock on which the Castle Bridge was built. Bridge itself is another architectural monument of national importance – a solid stone wall that connects the old castle and the city. It bears little resemblance with the bridge, it looks more as a dam. Length – 86 m (282 ft), height – from 24.6 m to 28.2 m (81 – 93 ft).

Address: 1, Zamkowa St., Kamianets-Podilskyi. Phone: +380 (384) 92-37-84

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