Dubno castle

Dubno castle
Dubno castle

Dubno Castle – a castle in Dubno, historical and cultural landmark, that has both features of medieval and ceremonial style.

Castle originated as a fortress of Volyn people in the tenth century. By the thirteenth century it was repeatedly rebuilt and strengthened, and in 1492 it got the basis of its today’s look. At the beginning of the XVII century Krakow Prince Janusz Ostrogski restored the castle in the style of late Renaissance and added two bastions with watchtowers (project of engineer Vauban). Between the old settlement and new castle there was a deep ditch, which was easily filled with water Ikva river if necessary. The second, much wider ditch was dug on the opposite side of the castle. Its eastern slope was formed by bastions facades and high perpendicular wall of the city was composed of "wild" stones. Under the castle there are wide stone underground tunnels, hiding places, where locals were hiding from enemy attacks (these dungeons have been described by Gogol in his novel "Taras Bulba").

Castle area – 300 by 100 m (984 by 328 ft). There are two castles on the territory: from the south side – the palace of Ostrogski, and opposite it, on the north side – the palace of Lubomirski, built in the XVIII century. Here are luxurious halls: a large ballroom with a circular colonnade and banquet hall, decorated with high frieze depicting the scene of Bacchus feast, made by the famous Italian artist Domenico Merlini.

Restoration of the castle continues, now most of it is in good condition and open to the public. There is a museum in the castle.

Address: 7, Zamkova str., Dubno. Phone: +380 (365) 64-35-68

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