Shönborn Palace

Shönborn Palace
Shönborn Palace

Schönborn (Shoenborn) Palace is the former residence and hunting lodge of Count Schönborn, built by Count Friedrich Karl Erwin Graaf van Schönborn-Buchheim in 1890-1895, an architectural monument of the XIX century. Since 1946 - sanatorium "Karpaty", part of “Ukrprofozdorovnytsya” JSC

Hunting palace is located in the tract Beregvar near the village Chynadiyovo on the Carpathian slopes (400 m or 1312 ft above sea level). Built in neo-romantic style, combining Romanesque and Gothic motifs. The hunting palace was built by Gresserson around the theme of the calendar - 365 windows (the number of days in a year), 52 chimneys (number of weeks per year), and 12 external entrances (number of months). Outside the palace is decorated with stained glass on religious themes, arms, vanes and carvings, turret clock with chimes. Inside the palace there are also some interesting decorative elements, and one of the rooms is preserved in its original form: here you can see the fireplace, surrounded by antique tiles, wooden staircase and fancy chandelier in the form of a mermaid with antlers (some furniture and other items were transferred to Uzhgorod museum). Legend says that reichsmarschall Hermann Goering wanted to buy the palace once.

The palace is surrounded by English style park (belongs to sanatorium "Karpaty"), founded in 1848. Here there are valuable tree species (boxwood, Canadian spruce, pink beech, Japanese cherry, centuries-old oaks), ancient pond with lilies, dug in the shape of the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of XIX century. Also there is a mini-zoo where deer live. This place is called one of the most beautiful and most comfortable in Ukraine.

The palace is situated in Karpaty village has a railway station "Sanatorium "Karpaty", built in the late XIX century. It reminds mini-Shoenborn residence. Passenger trains going to Uzhgorod and suburban electric trains stop here.

"Karpaty" phone: +380 (3131) 2-21-89

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Karpaty, Chynadiyovo (Zakarpattia region)
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Uzhgorod International Airport
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-4° C in winter, +20° C in summer

Contact phone: +380 (44) 459 46 10

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