Tarakanivskiy Fort

Tarakanivskiy Fort
Tarakanivskiy Fort

Tarakanivskiy Fort (or Fortress of Dubno, or New Fortress of Dubno) is an architectural monument of the XIX century, located near the village Tarakaniv, Rivne region, in a picturesque area of ​​the river Ikva.

Fortress of Dubno was built in the XIX century to protect the railway line "Lviv-Kyiv". The main ideologist of construction was the hero of Sevastopol Defense, military engineer Adjutant General Eduard Totleben. The hill for defensive structure was built up artificially. Concrete, a new material for that time, was used in construction along with stone and bricks. The fort’s first test was during World War I, but then its destruction began, which intensified during the Polish-Soviet War. Now the fort objects are in a dilapidated state, on the territory you can find many dark corridors (including underground), partially or completely trapped passages, dilapidated stairs and more.

Tarakanivskiy fort has the shape of a diamond with sides of 240 meters (787 ft). From the outside it is surrounded by a deep moat with ramparts, fortified by strong walls. In the central part of the fortifications there is a two-story barrack with four tunnels leading to it, laid under the second earthen rampart. On the perimeter of the fort there are 105 so-called safe casemates, and one had to overcome the double defensive line to et to them. 800 people could be placed in the dungeons; the fort was equipped with long-range guns of large calibre.

In 2010's some footage for the film The Guide (2014) were filmed here.

Important note: when visiting the fort, be careful and look under your feet – there are many wells and traps that you can fall into. It is advisable to get warm clothes – it is very cold and moist in the underground tunnels. Moreover, on the territory of the fort grows Heracleum sosnowskyi – poisonous plant, which leaves make painful burns on the skin.

How to get there by car: drive the highway Kyiv-Chop (M-06 / E-40) to Tarakaniv (10 km or 6 miles from Dubno), then find a dirt road at the end of the village – it leads to the fort.

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Nearest town
Rivne, Dubno
Nearest village
Tarakaniv (Rivne region)
Nearest airport
Lviv International Airport
Average temperature
-5° C in winter, +19° C in summer

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