Svirzh castle

Svirzh castle
Svirzh castle

Svirzh castle is the castle in the style of the late Renaissance, located in Lviv region on a mountain Belz. Modern appearance came from the middle of XVII century: it is believed that General Paweł Grodzicki was responsible for the modernisation of the castle's fortifications, he is also known for the construction of the Royal Arsenal in Lviv.

From three sides the building is protected by water (gateways that blocked the river Svirzh, forming rates, were dug in the XVI century), On the fourth side there is a defensive tower, almost the oldest part of the complex (in need of conservation and restoration). Outside castle walls remained intact, and the internal layout was rebuilt in Soviet times, instead of the spacious rooms there were small ones. But Renaissance white stone portals and window frames remind that this building is old. In the castle there are preserved decorated fireplace, loopholes, some dungeons (most of them had to be walled up, because there was a threat of collapse) a huge well in the courtyard, the water from which was taken in case of siege.

A church is preserved in the castle park, founded in the XV century. It’s a brick building in the Renaissance style. Above the entrance there are remains of noble emblem of the former rulers, and fragments of old frescoes, unfortunately, now painted in gold. An underground passage led from the castle to the church, caved part of which can be seen from the moat surrounding the castle near the tipping bridge.

Around the buildings there is a park, in general this area is called "Carpathians in miniature".

In 1978 the shooting of “D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers” took place here, and Svirzh castle served multiple "roles": Count D`Artanyana estate in Gascony, Betyunski monastery where Constance was poisoned, bastion St. Gervais, where the musketeers fought, and on the lawn near the tower Louis XIII listened to Cardinal’s whisper about diamond pendants.

Castle area is about 3,500 sq. m. (38,000 sq.ft.), the total area is 25 hectares (62 acres). The area is protected.

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Svirzh (Lviv region)
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Lviv International Airport
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-6° C in winter, +22° C in summer

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