Potocki Palace (Lviv)

Potocki Palace (Lviv)
Potocki Palace (Lviv)

Potocki Palace is one of the most interesting architectural monuments of Lviv and Ukraine, vivid example of palace architecture of mature historicism. The owner Alfred Józef Potocki, known as a philanthropist and ardent connoisseur of French architecture, ordered his residence from Parisian architect Louis Dauvergne who drafted the palace in Baroque style (the era of French King Louis XIV). Then the palace was modified by Lviv architect Julian Cybulski and Ludwik Balduina-Ramelton who led the construction.

Palace, founded in 1880, is built in the style of French classicism. It has a brick H-shaped building with developed avant-corps and outbuildings, there are three floors with lofts. The facades are decorated with sculpted window frames, stucco consoles balconies and balustrades. The main entrance is decorated with stucco arched portico and Ionic columns. At the front yard there is a monumental gate with two annexes, decorated with cartouches. On the rear facade the palace has a terrace, rounded stairs with balustrade down to the park (until 1879 there was a large city park, but at the beginning of the XX century a number of multi-storey buildings were built around the palace, thus the view of the building remained open only from the street).

Potocki Palace interior was decorated in the style of Louis XVI – the Red or the Dancing Hall, the Blue Hall and the Mirror Hall. In the design of state rooms the architect used stucco, gilding, coloured marble (including fireplace), precious woods, painting – all this came down to us.

The total area of ​​the palace is 3,100 sq.m. (33,000 sq. ft).

Today the palace belongs to the Lviv Art Gallery. Address: 15 Kopernika str., Lviv.

Phone: +380 (32) 261-41-45, 261-37-99

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