Cultural Center "Youth"

Cultural Center "Youth"
Cultural Center "Youth"

The new building of Kharkiv University (today – cultural center "Youth") is a monumental building in the city center, built in 1832-1831 by the architect Yevgeny Vasilyev. The building was designed in the classicism style to house the university library, church, assembly hall and observatory. The facade of the "sanctuary of sciences" is decorated with strict Ionic portico with six columns and wide staircase, without unnecessary stucco.

During World War II, the dome on the top was destroyed, but in 1950 the building was reconstructed without significant external changes. In 1963 cinema "Pioneer" (later - "Youth") located here, and in 1990 – Ukrainian cultural center and university book depository.

On the north side the building adjoins with the Central scientific library of the university and city archives, from the south – with the building of Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (all facilities were built in early 1900s), made in classic architectural forms.

Address: Kharkiv, 25 Universytetska str.

Phone: +380 (57) 712-28-85.

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