Sabaneev bridge

Sabaneev bridge
Sabaneev bridge

Foot-traffic bridge in the classical style, one of the most famous bridges in Odessa (third by elevation chronology), built in the historic center in the mid-1800s. It gave the modern name of the street that runs partly on it (before the Revolution – Prysutstvenna street, to 1995 – Mendeleev street). It was named in honor of General Sabaneev, well-known warlord and bibliophile.

The bridge has a relatively short length (200 m or 656 ft) and height. The design is based on three massive stone arches, bridge fence are stone parapets. On one side there is a small foot ladder.

Comprehensive location: nearby – Pommer manor, Tolstoy palace, Stolyarskiy school and other historical buildings. Architectural monument of local importance.

Sabaneev bridge repeatedly appeared in the Soviet cinema, especially in the films devoted to the February revolution.

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